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Do you want to know who write all these posts? Than Welcome – because on this page I want to introduce myself …




Hello stranger,

my name is Florentina and I’m from Germany. At the moment, I study in our wonderful capital Berlin. I know my name is not so easy for most people and it’s also a very long name, that’s why most people give me a nickname – So you can call me Flo :). Furthermore, Florentina is not very comm13087312_10154112699809709_3787944897097084580_non in Germany. Actually, I was named after a character from a book. Florentyna is a Polish young woman in America which want to become the first female president of America. The book is from Jeffrey Archer and called “The prodigal daughter” from 1982. 2

What else can I tell about me? Let me see…  I love traveling, I love writing and I love taking photos – and I think this blog is the try to combine all of that.
So Welcome to my blog…

P.S.: I try to write my blog bilingual, as you see. I’m afraid I make thousands of mistakes in the English language. I’m really sorry for this. I started to learn Englisch in school and often it’s really hard to find the right words and expressions to describe what I want to say. So I hope you will enjoy anyway.

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