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What is this page about? Well, fair question! This blog is inspired by my travel journals which I love to carry with me when I am travelling. Therefore, it is about telling stories, learning about cultures, dipping into adventures with me and creating some Wanderlust. But also to get some travel tips and find inspiration in journaling. Still questions? Then read more here

Though get a drink, feel comfy and I hope I can bring you to some other places in this world and share some of my most precious memories with you. 
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Currently in Berlin

New blog post: 11 ways to satisfy your Wanderlust (2021-04-08)

In German, we have the term Fernweh (literally translated as β€ždistance painβ€œ) which describes the yen of seeing distant places. It is basically the opposite of homesickness and a feeling probably every travel addicted person knows – especially in these special times.

New page: About the Blog (2021-03-19)

If you follow this page you will get to know more about this blog, the idea and the background story behind it. I am glad to tell you everything about it. So hell yeah, it is storytime!

New blog post: Between mangas and sex-shops in Akihabara (2021-03-07)

Akihabara probably sums up what people imagine when they talk about modern and crazy Japanese pop culture. If I think back I remember dolls, toys, cosplay, lots of vending machines, sex-shops, video games, maid cafΓ©s, electronic goods, anime and of course mangas. This time I will bring you with me and show you this very unique neighbourhood in Tokyo.

New blog post: One night in a Korean sauna (2021-02-05)

What is it like to spend a night in a Jjimjilbang? I have given it a try, together with Lea from France and Xiao Ying from China – two of my fellow students from Seoul. We got to know the differences to conventional saunas, slapped eggs on our heads and made a β€œsheep head”.

New blog post: Urban Art in Berlin (2020-12-09)

Art is on the street – at least in Berlin. Nowadays, Berlin is one of the hotspots for Urban Art in Europe and is used by people from all over the world as a canvas.

New blog post: Why do volunteering (2020-11-28)

This article might be a bit different from my other ones – today I want to talk about voluntary work (ergo working without getting paid) and why it can be a great opportunity for you. (Just to clarify I’m more talking about clubs, associations and societies – not about an official gap year). In this blog post, I want to share my personal experiences with you. And I would like to introduce you to my student association AEGEE – at least this part is about travelling, I promise.