Hello Stranger and Welcome to My Travel Journal-Blog,

This blog developed a few years ago with the idea to share some stories, experiences and memories I collected during travelling. I always loved to bring a little (or sometimes actually not that little) travel journal with me in which I wrote about my vacations. At some point, I wanted to share these thoughts with a bigger audience. I actually love for myself to listen to people telling about their travels and sharing photos with me. Though, this blog is less about travel tips – I mean I will have some for sure (like learning from my mistakes) but in general, I really didn’t want to create a blog with more or less “bad” tips on what to do at places I went once in a lifetime. This blog is so much more about telling stories, learning about cultures, dipping into adventures with me and creating some – as we call it in German – “Fernweh” (the desire for seeing distant places, similar to Wanderlust – which is also kind of German).

Though get a drink, sit down, feel comfy and I hope I can bring you to some other places in this world and share some of my most precious memories with you.

Thanks for being here. Have fun exploring my blog and reading some stories,




Currently in Berlin

New blog post: Urban Art in Berlin (2020-12-09)

Art is on the street – at least in Berlin. Nowadays, Berlin is one of the hotspots for Urban Art in Europe and is used by people from all over the world as a canvas.



New blog post: Why do volunteering (2020-11-28)

This article might be a bit different from my other ones – today I want to talk about voluntary work (ergo working without getting paid) and why it can be a great opportunity for you. (Just to clarify I’m more talking about clubs, associations and societies – not about an official gap year). In this blog post, I want to share my personal experiences with you. And I would like to introduce you to my student association AEGEE – at least this part is about travelling, I promise.

New blog post: Couchsurfing in Cambodia (2020-03-15)

Couchsurfing in Cambodia – Chicken feed, the screaming neighbour kid, rolled Ice Cream and other cultures.


New blog post: Burned money in Vietnam (2019-01-19)

DSCN0214I learned why people burn money, bought a Lottery ticket and took a motorcycle tour which ended literally in hell.  Furthermore, I visit the Russian holiday paradise Nha Trang and learned more about egg spas.


New blog post: A few minutes in North Korea (2018-03-11)

dscn7496The borderline of Korea is one of the best-guarded ones in the world. Between peace and freedom village, blue houses, soldiers, conflicts and secret tunnels lay a tourist attraction between North and South Korea.