About Me

Do you want to know who write all these posts? Than Welcome – because on this page I want to introduce myself …

Hello stranger,

My name is Florentina and I’m from Germany. At the moment, I study in our wonderful capital Berlin. I know my name is not so easy for most people and it’s also a very long name, that’s why most people give me a nickname – So you can call me Flo :). Also, Florentina is not very comm13087312_10154112699809709_3787944897097084580_non in Germany. Actually, I was named after a  book character. Florentyna is a Polish young woman in the US who wants to become the first female president of the United States. The book is from Jeffrey Archer and called “The prodigal daughter” from 1982. 2

What else can I tell about me? Let me see…  I love travelling, I love writing and I love taking photos – and I think this blog is the trying to combine all of these.
So Welcome to my blog…

P.S.: I try to write my blog bilingual, as you can see. Even if I’m trying to keep the level of faults to a minimum I’m pretty sure I will miss one or another since I’m not a mother tongue. But I really hope you enjoy reading it anyway.

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