About the Blog

If you ended up on this page you probably want to know more about this blog and the background story behind it. I am glad to tell you everything about it. So hell yeah, it is storytime!

I started this blog in December 2015, right before I applied for my semester abroad in Seoul. The idea is to share some stories, experiences and memories I collected during travelling. I always loved to bring a little (or sometimes actually not that little) travel journal with me (the one above was my first one) in which I wrote about my vacations. I love writing about places I visit, and people I meet, to explore all the little differences to the culture you grew up in which sometimes seem odd, but so many other times just pretty, inspiring, magical, and eye-opening. The possibility to see the world through different eyes and learn to value your life but also others. Obviously, this blog is named after these kinds of stories and moments.

About my journals
Candy wrappings from bonbons from Vietnam

In the beginning, my travel journals were more about writing, later I started preparing them before travelling by using different paper and craft supplies as masking tape, stickers, stamps, photos, pens and so on – I guess, this is my guilty pleasure. I spend way too much money on stationeries. And of course, I love to collect all kinds of stuff from my travels like entrance tickets, flyers, maps, postcards, bills, business cards, and candy packaging.

At some point, I wanted to share all these memories and thoughts I collected in my journals with a bigger audience. I actually love to listen to people telling about their travels and sharing their photos with me.

Not another Top 10-Places-To-Go-Blog

Yeah, well, a bit risky headline, I know. What I actually want to say with this is that this blog is less the ‘classic’ one about travel tips – I mean I have some for sure (I have marked the tips in my posts) but in general, I really didn’t want to create another blog of the Top 10 best to-dos from places I only went once in a lifetime for two weeks. Do not get me wrong this is not meant in a negative way – I think it is great if others can give you valuable tips for your next trip. But this is the main point to me if I give tips I want them to be useful and from my own experience. Therefore, all these posts reflect mostly my perspective. These are stories that happened to me, people I met, and my memories from precious moments I would love to share with you. – And if I write a Top 10-Places-To-Go-List then really about a place I know well ;).

But for now, have fun browsing through the posts, reading my stories and leave a comment to share your thoughts and experiences. If you want to contact me personally do not hesitate to write me an e-mail at florentina@mytraveljournal-blog.com.