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What is this page about? Well, fair question! This blog is inspired by my travel journals which I love to carry with me when I am travelling. Therefore, it is about telling stories, learning about cultures, dipping into adventures with me and creating some Wanderlust. But also to get some travel tips and find inspiration in journaling. Still questions? Then read more here

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New blog post: Exploring Hiddensee: Beaches, Heathlands, and Cliff Coasts at the Baltic Sea (2024-05-17)

Hiddensee, the car-free island in the German Baltic Sea, is just a three-and-a-half hour (public) train (or 2:50 hours by express train) journey and a 90-minute ferry ride away from Berlin, making it the ideal little weekend getaway from Germany’s 3.6 million capital. It offers the perfect opportunity to detox, slow down, and explore its beaches, heathlands, and cliff coasts. Allow me to introduce you to beautiful Hiddensee.

New blog post: Good to know – Your first trip to Nepal (2024-03-31)

Swayambhunath stupa in Kathmandu

Here is my little guide on what to know before travelling for the first time to Nepal, the country with the world’s highest mountains and the birthplace of Buddha. I will share my experiences with you, provide tips on trekking and transportation, highlight common mistakes to avoid, and suggest dishes to try out.

New blog post: What to do in Edinburgh (2023-11-22)


Edinburgh Castle, Arthur’s Seat and Grassmarket – Here is your bucket list for Edinburgh.

New blog post: 5 tips to avoid crowded places (2023-11-02)

At Eibsee

No one likes having too many people around while travelling. Here are some easy tips on how to avoid crowds.

New blog post: 12 Mistakes you should avoid in Iceland (2023-10-29)


Here are 12 mistakes you should avoid – I would have wanted to know before I went to Iceland myself. I share all my tips with you on how to prepare for Iceland and save some money according to your budget. Iceland is super expensive but in my opinion, it is totally worth it – you will collect beautiful memories for life.

New blog post: Top Activities for Sal – and is it worth the money? (2023-09-04)

Salinas of Santa Maria

Observing sharks, floating on water, catching a Fata Morgana, crossing the desert by bike or kite surfing are only a few activities of the Cap Verdian paradise Sal. I share with you the top activities and answer the question if it is worth it.