11 ways to satisfy your wanderlust

Boat in Thailand

In German, we have the term Fernweh (literally translated as “distance pain”) which describes the yen of seeing distant places. It is basically the opposite of homesickness and a feeling probably every travel-addicted person knows – especially in these special times.

Last year, I had all these plans in my mind: I wanted to travel to Latin America after I graduated from university. Well, one week after I handed over my thesis, Germany went into its first lockdown because of the Corona pandemic. My travel plans are on hold but this does not stop me from dreaming about my next journeys.

This blog post was written during the high phase of Covid19 in 2011. But the tips are still up to date and also working in post-Corona times.

Create a photo book (1)

Dig your photo books out. Nothing supports nostalgia better than photos. Or if you do not have photo books maybe it is time to create one. Way too often all these pretty photos we take are ending up on any of our hard disks and will be forgotten. I am one of the people who loves developing her favourite photos and decorating the pages by using all kinds of stationeries. And in case you already have a photo book you finally have the chance to catch up cluing in all the photos (at least I am always some years behind). Or are you also someone who loves filming? Watch the last recordings you filmed on vacation and maybe even edit a little travel video out of it.

❗️ Tips for editing programmes

In case you just started editing videos: I would recommend the editing programmes DaVinci Resolve (Blackmagic Design) and Lightworks (EditShare). They can be both downloaded as free-version. No matter if you are a beginner or already have some previous knowledge it will offer you a really good base and even some extended functions (they also have some additional features if you buy the full version). If you feel like you need a little help with editing you should take a look at YouTube tutorials. There are plenty of them that will help you to use the software optimally. I am also watching them from time to time when I am looking for special features.

What's on your watch list? (2)

Staying at home finally gives us the excuse to binge-watch all the series and movies on your watch lists. Whether you prefer to watch travel documentaries or follow Vloggers to find inspiration for your next trip. Or maybe you are more of the fictional stories type. There are so many series and movies from all over the world – it does not always have to be Hollywood. Maybe you want to give Bollywood a try, watch a K-drama, Anime, or a Nollywood movie. This is also a great opportunity to listen to some new languages or improve the one you are already learning.

A scene of the K-Drama W
My favourite K-drama "W – Two Worlds" starring Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo.
Try food from other countries (3)

Do you know that feeling? The more you travel the more you fall in love with different food you do not have in your home country (or you just did not know about). To me, this is Alfajores and Mate (Latin America), Matcha candies (Japan), Jajangmyeon (Korea), Scones (UK) as well as Sticky Rice with Mango (Thailand). If you feel the same it is maybe time to explore new restaurants around your place and eighter way take a look for dishes that remind you of your last vacations or try something new – the world cuisine has so much to offer. Or if fancy international restaurants in your neighbourhood are rare try to cook your own perfect meal at home. If you are also a foodie like me and love to try candies from other countries you can also order you some on the internet. I think I will do the same with Alfajores – like now …

Explore your own city (4)

Do you already know every street and corner of your city? Well, I don’t. Search on the internet for interesting spots in or around your home which you can easily reach by public transport or bike. You can even bring your camera to improve your camera skills. Try to find new angles, details, and perspectives to create special photos. Look for architecture, landscapes and nature, animals, urban art or just special streets in your neighbourhood. You can also ask friends to accompany you to explore new places together. I always feel a bit like on vacation when I plan day trips to get out of my flat and explore new places.

Read yourself into another world (5)

Everyone knows the feeling of getting lost in a book. Why not use this feeling against your wanderlust? Search for your old travel journals to beam yourself back to your best travel memories, buy or lend a travel novel or why not use the internet to browse through some travel blogs? I know a good one by chance ;). Did you already read about my visit to North Korea or how I got totally lost in Buenos Aires?

Prepare your next travel journal (6)

Do you also love bringing a travel journal to your trips? Usually, I always prepare them a little beforehand. In the beginning, I have pages for the packing list, addresses of friends I want to write a postcard to, some safety numbers, a little vocabulary list or a map of the country. Otherwise, I love decorating the following pages with some photos, putting postcards in between, using stamps and masking tape. It gives me pleasant anticipation about my next travel plans.

Hablas español? (7)

One of my goals on my bucket list is a road trip through Latin America. Therefore, I started learning Spanish a while ago. During my semester abroad, I even started studying some Korean and I would love to improve (or actually relearn) my 한국어. Learning new languages or improving your skills is always a win whether we are talking about your next travel plans or your CV. Use language apps and videos, lend some books from the library, listen to music in your preferred language or change the audio of the next series you are streaming. Even better choose a series or movie which is originally from the country you want to travel to. Another way is to find a study buddy or tandem partner on the internet (or at your university) with whom you can not only practice your pronunciation but also talk about cultural differences and get to know more about your favourite country.

Music is the key (8)

I always have an extra page in my journal where I am collecting songs during my travels. Music easily brings you back to some precious moments like that one time you danced the whole night on the beach or the other time when you had a sunny drive through the city. Or search for new songs maybe even in languages you usually do not listen to.
‣ I created a little playlist for you with some of my favourite nostalgic travel songs. So get your headphones, lay back, close your eyes, and travel with me through the world.

Have a beauty day (9)

Use your day off for a bit of me-time. In daily life, we tend to forget about taking some time for ourselves. On vacation, we love to pamper and treat ourselves especially well since it is a special time. When was the last time you did not set an alarm but just stayed in bed as long as you wanted? Why not buy you one of these nice Korean face masks you loved using on vacation or a special deep conditioner. Maybe take a relaxing bath, get a massage from a friend, try a new Yoga workout or meditation on YouTube. Cuddle yourself in a blanket on the couch and listen to some relaxing music, sounds, or give ASMR a try.

💡 What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. These describe particular sounds, (sometimes also visuals) and whispering voices that trigger a feeling of tingle. This feeling is linked to positive emotions sometimes even euphoria. Most people describe it as relaxing. It helps them to get calmer, more focused or even to fall asleep faster. There are a lot of different themes used like (inaudible) whispering, eating, tapping, or even role-plays. You will need to find your own preferences (not every sound will be comfortable for you).

Contact a travel buddy (10)

“Do you remember that one time when we …” – who does not love to reminisce? Especially with your best travel buddy or last travel partner in crime who shares the same memories as you do. Something else I love about travelling is that I always meet so many people on the road. Why not call one of them and say hello? It is so nice to dream away together and who knows maybe you already start making new travel plans together.

Prepare your next travel (11)

Do you already know where you want to go next? There are so many countries in our world. Did you ever think about travelling to Belarus, or maybe getting to know Botswana and Moldavia? Do you know where Bhutan and Kiribati are? Pick a country you know nothing about and do your research. What kind of life do the people live there? Maybe you will find a new country for your bucket list and even if not you will learn more about other cultures, people and countries on our planet.

Do you have more tips against Fernweh? Leave me a comment

First written on Thursday, April 8th, 2021, you have read the blog post 11 ways to satisfy your wanderlust on My Travel Journal-Blog.