5 tips to avoid crowded places

No one likes having too many people around while travelling. Here are some easy tips on how to avoid crowds.


Here are 5 tips for you on how to avoid crowds while travelling:

Visit tourist spots either way early in the morning or in the late evening because this is the time when the places are usually way less crowded. Also, starting your day early can help and maybe enjoy a sunset in an otherwise way more crowded place.

Travel in shoulder season:

Or in other words, avoid the high season of your dream destination. Therefore, you will not only have fewer people around but can also save some money since the prices for activities and accommodation are usually lower.

Avoid public holidays and school vacations:

Most families travel in the summer season because usually, this is the time when their kids have the most extended holidays. So if your dream destination is really popular with families you can maybe visit it in autumn or spring instead. But also general public holidays (for example Christmas) and the weekends around it can attract more tourists since people try to extend their vacation by taking the days off in between.

A woman infront of Neuschwanstein Castle
Learn from Google:

Google offers a feature that shows you for a lot of places the busiest times of the day. Consider also weekdays versus the weekend since a lot of people have free time on the weekend, so popular spots will also be way more crowded then.

Talk to locals:

This may seem obvious, but try to choose a less known place. Ask a local, for example, someone who works at your accommodation, the waiter of the restaurant, you have dinner or the bartender, if they can give you a tip on what to visit instead. Touristic places are usually not that popular with locals, and they have their own sites to go where it is less crowded. I met a lot of locals who were super happy about people being interested in their country and culture – and were therefore super open to giving me tips on where to go. And who knows, maybe you can even find a hidden gem.

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