Little Stories of Berlin  – Short stories, curiosities, and trivia

Little Stories is a category I started on my Instagram channel and where I post short stories, curiosities or trivia. Here you can find all posts about Berlin. #littlestories

#9 Colourful Berlin

What do we love more than colour on grey winter days?

You can find the cutest and most colourful houses at Gartenstadt Falkenberg in Berlin. The housing estate is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and was created by Bruno Traut between 1913 and 1915. All houses have different colours, patterns and were differently designed. Berliners call it Tuschkastensiedlung which literally translated means paint box settlement which also illustrates the many different and strong colours you will find there. The beautiful front yards bring even more colour to the picture.

If you want to visit Gartenstadt Falkenberg just take the S-Bahn to the station Berlin-Grünau.

📍 Gartenstadtweg in 12524 Berlin-Bohnsdorf


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