12 Voltas – A hidden gem of São Vicente

Did you ever visit a sand cave made by the ocean’s water? On São Vicente you can find 12 Voltas – a sandy underground labyrinth. I share with you how to find this hidden gem.

The 12 Voltas is a sandy underground labyrinth formed by the ocean’s water. The location is not too well known. The cave is at the foot of Mount Cara, in the area of Lazaretto and towards the first Military Region Command – on the island São Vicente.

12 Voltas, a sandy cave
With the help of locals

I found out about 12 Voltas by finding it in the official app of Cabo Verde. In general, I really love the app but this time it showed me the wrong location so I could not find the underground labyrinth.  Luckily, I stopped a nice guy at the street who was just out for a jogging tour. He helped me finding 12 Voltas and were climbing with me the hills around up and down until we found it. Because I knew I would want to share this hidden spot with you I saved the exact location in my phone. These are the coordinates of the cave 16.878175, -25.025002.

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